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Anyash Muse (any ash = some ashes / muse = muse), was born on the border between Romania and Moldova, grew up with her maternal grandparents in the Moldovan countryside. 

During her Moldovian childhood her grandmother taught her to love art, so she learned drawing, lyric singing as a soprano. 

Again thanks to her grandmother, Anyash discovers her love for theater, dance and photography; when she grows up she'll make it her fundamental points of her life. 

In the summer of her 9 and a half years she cames in Italy. Thus she grew up together with her older brother and her mother in Verona. 

Anyash lives a troubled and complicated adolescence in which she touches the vast pod of suffering to the bottom and her anchor is writing, moreover poetry. 

At 16 she rebels and makes suffering a weapon to grow as a woman and human being, discovering its unique and indispensable value in this immense universe.

Abandon her studies to devote herself to the world of work. 

After working experiences as an employee, her spiritual faith brings out the desire to invest herself in her passions, learned in childhood with her grandmother. To date, Anyash, is a professional Performer and Model. 

Anyash has made the integration of individual different human beings as a way of life. She also dedicates her life to saving animals by giving them a better life. 

She doesn't like labels, she is neither vegetarian nor omnivorous, straight or homosexual, neither democratic nor socialist, she is a free soul born to fully discover herself and distribute a pinch of good to people. 

Anyash has experienced psychological, physical, sexual violence and abuse so by kneading bread with her golden hands will help support funds for shelters and associations for abused, raped and beaten women and people. 

In addition, she has recently experienced cancer and medical malpractice, also in this field she will contribute in the search for pathologies, such as cancer. 

The image that most reflects it is "the art that the artist creates".

-text write by The Other Me

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